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Here is where you normally read about what recording, mixing and mastering entails. This is also the place where everybody brags and tells you what they will do for you, throwing around all kinds of fancy terms

like: Clarity, width, depth, warmth, shine, character, energy, powerful, heaviness, space, punch, analogue, industry standard, professional and so on. I will not be bothering you with any of these things.


All you need to know is: I have a passion for music and I do whatever it takes to make killer records and music productions.

That's all.


Having said that here are some of the I can do for you:


Just need some recording done? Drums or other instruments and/or vocals for a project? Voice over or anything else? Get in touch, we'll make it happen.


You’ve recorded your tracks yourself or in another studio? I can take care of a professional mixing job with all the fancy terms applied. Mixing always comes with free mastering.


You want to give your mixes a professional high-end finish? I offer high-end digital mastering for CD, Vinyl and digital releases. With the same fancy terms applied.


A full production includes recording, editing, reamping, mixing and mastering.

This can be one song or a whole record or anything in between.


Hybrid projects are for bands on a small budget or who like to do some things themselves. Lots of musicians have the option and knowledge to make great recordings at home. I can for instance take care of drum recordings, re-amping, mixing and mastering while the band can record guitar DI’s, vocals and keys at home. Of course every project is unique, get in touch for details and possibilities.

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